Case Studies


Vitality netball world cup, Liverpool

Workforce planning with wow budgets.

Key Challenge:

Only a few weeks before the first 'centre pass', our international client arrived from Australia and needed immediate assistance. Flair had committed to providing a team of experienced sellers and knew we were coming in late to advertise to the local workforce. Our advertising campaign needed to catch people's attention.

How we helped:

We worked closely with our client and were flexible when pre-event plans fluctuated. By offering scheduling advice and knowing each worker, we reduced workforce costs while still maintaining coverage. The result was that 66 people covered 881 shifts during the 14-day tournament. We juggled 8 city locations and moved the teams around with the match fixtures. Our HQ team altered the summer schedule to be on call throughout and visited the site several times.

Every team member needed to know their own logistical details and our bespoke system did us all proud as it laid out information easily to ensure smooth operations. We advanced our training of site managers to cover all back-office requirements and be attentive to employee welfare and working ethics.

Reacting daily to attendee fluctuation, staff movements and service standards to ensure optimal productivity and client satisfaction.

The Results:

The information we gave to our team was layered to . This was to ensure that on the first event day, all team members had the information and tools they needed to perform at the highest level. Changes and in-event movement to meet the demands and support of our clients were handled professionally. Loyalty and commitment earned by brilliant onsite staffing managers and back-office service.

Diligent workforce planning and scheduling
Providing full-time back-office support
Fully staffed every shift
Bespoke service for everyone

Our job is to make our client's job easier.

Workforce solutions delivered with event expertise.

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