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Every staffing agency will tell you that they do things differently, but we know from the feedback we get from our clients – and the repeat business this leads to – that we’ve hit on a winning formula. Our people-centered approach to staffing first turned a few heads back in 2000, when we led the way in recruiting, supplying and managing large numbers of festival workers across the UK. Coupled with full logistics support and our savvy operational skills, we quickly gained a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Just over 20 years later, our responsive solutions have been honed to the nth degree – meaning that we can take the stress out of finding flexible, rewarding contracts to staff. While technology has enhanced our services, it will never replace the relationships we build with everyone we work for.

Stats zone!

We have collected a whole bunch of stats that we’re proud of. We’ve seen tens of thousands of people through our books and we’re always thrilled when we can match this vibrant, ever-evolving community of workers with like-minded clients. We don’t shut the door at 5pm, we have never arrived at a contract understaffed and we are always the last to leave.

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Types of Transport We can Arrange
Ferries Scooters Skates
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Best short notice contract London Olympics 2012
36hrs notice 135 Stewards 8 Days
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interview day

Oasis 2009
comeback tour


people wanted to roll with it


Our brilliant workers relish a challenge – and are always keen to get stuck in.

We provide staff for half marathons, world championships, beer tents, music concerts, Lapland, promotional tours and in a hundred other situations. We like to say that we’re only as good as our workers, but if we put all modesty aside for a second, we think our management team is pretty incredible at keeping everything running smoothly, too.

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- Aristotle