Event crew need to be cool, calm and focused, concentrating on the task at hand, not the fun going on around them. Flair delivers doers, not dodgers.

Great staff for your next big crowd-puller

Flair can deliver experienced teams of great workers for sporting events of all sizes, and we’ll put in all the prep to ensure that everyone is firing on all cylinders. Finding skilled stewards and marshals for sports events has been one of our core areas of business for almost 20 years. Our teams cover Triathlons, Duathlons, Trailblazers, Colour Runs, Marathons and more.

What makes us different is our people. Many of them come from sports backgrounds and have been with us through storms, snow and heatwaves in city centres to mountainsides for years. We know how to seamlessly integrate our people with your own, and can assist with everything from training to logistics, scheduling and deployment.

  • Community to Corporate
    From egg & spoon races to business suits and medals, Flair's people fit right in.
  • Mass Participation
    One amazing team with a clear vision and goal who can cover your whole event.
  • World Events
    For those prestigious events when the world is watching, our staff won't let you down.
  • National Events
    Flair has a UK-wide database of capable sports enthusiasts. We're the supplier you need!

Workers who

give a little extra

Flair has built some amazing relationships over the years with the people on our database. Mutual respect and understanding promotes loyalty and reliability among our workers and enables us to successfully deliver brilliant teams again and again.

No stress

Our staff come fully-vetted and ready to work.

No fuss

Pre and post-contract admin and payroll handled by us.

No surprises

A cost-effective, bespoke staffing solution that works for you.

Sports at Flair means.....

Early risers, cross-country planners, medal pinners, all-weather wonders, crowd controllers, waypoint guardians, outdoor stewards, baggage handlers, activity runners and all-round sports enthusiasts to keep your event on track.

Real people, real skills, real simple

What our clients say:

It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Flair. They go above and beyond to not only recruit generally excellent staff and confirm that all the necessary logistics are in place on site, but they also respond quickly and effectively to our ever-changing requirements and sometimes last-minute needs. We have partnered with Flair Events for many years and always look forward to working on new projects with them big or small.

Vicky Tuner,

Logistics Manager, Limelight Sport

Companies who choose Flair


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Case Study

Fully staffed at 6am with Flair.

Control was key when we were asked to deliver 494 people in 51 job roles, positioned in nine different locations along a 13.1 mile course – and all by 6am on a cold autumn morning. Our secret weapon was not only our large database of experienced sports marshals, but our bespoke operating system designed to handle large volume staffing requirements with ease.

It’s all about partnerships and working in sync with our clients as operations progress. Each and every worker was handpicked to be a part of this winning team, and arrived informed and ready for the day ahead.


Flair provides a complete

sporting staff service.

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