Every team needs a blend of intelligent ‘thinkers’ and hard-working 'doers’ – the beauty is in selecting exactly the right mix. That’s where we come in...

A flexible workforce

when you need it

Working with our clients, we develop staffing solutions that are both scalable and easily integrated into an existing workforce. In fact, our forte is finding a logical pathway which will enable our clients to get the most out of their whole team.

We zoom in on the right kind of talent – and then bring them in. If a project needs the detailed co-ordination of people and services, it will push all the right buttons at Flair.

Whether you’re seeking an army of packers, a warehouse crew to fill in for absentees or a handful of highly-skilled venue supervisors to work a number of pop-up facilities, we can help.

  • Covid Support
    Screened, thorough, reliable workers.
  • Warehouse
    Experienced movers & lifters. A skilled, task-orientated workforce.
  • Event Crew
    Flexible, proactive team players ready to move, mountains.
  • Supply Chain
    Fast learners, team players, minimal fuss.

Workers who

give a little extra

Flair has built some amazing relationships over the years with the people on our database. Mutual respect and understanding promotes loyalty and reliability among our workers and enables us to successfully deliver brilliant teams again and again.

No stress

Our staff come fully-vetted and ready to work.

No fuss

Pre and post-contract admin and payroll handled by us.

No surprises

A cost-effective, bespoke staffing solution that works for you.

Logistics at Flair means.....

Warehouse wonders, fast-handed packers, storage supremos, heavy lifters, loading masters, data processors, crowd handlers, COVID responders, storage maestros, supply chain legends and seasoned all-rounders that get the job done.

Real people, real skills, real simple

What our clients say:

Flair really came through for us. Short notice, we needed 50 people to come and clean cars at Goodwood Revival – yes, it was promotional work, but it was also cleaning cars for three days!” As we had never managed event teams, we relied on Flair to provide everything from accommodation to travel and dealing with all shift planning and admin. I thoroughly enjoyed working with their management team and would definitely recommend them.

Mike Gunner,

Cleaner Car Limited

Companies who choose Flair



30 hrs


Case Study

Delivering teams in 30 hours.

Mid-pandemic, we fielded a last-minute request to staff six London testing centres opening in a matter of days. To add more urgency to the brief, all staff had to provide valid DBS checks, and be able to work 12-hour shifts in strict cohort bubbles. They also needed to rapidly pass six NHS training modules. Turning instantly to our diverse database, we reached out to skilled and reliable candidates living no more than five miles of each centre. Within the deadline, the first test sites were opened and fully staffed.

The next phase of the planning involved daily workforce management as the ‘four-on, four off’ rotation settled in. Our scheduling app proved invaluable in enabling us to support all of the workers – and the client – every step of the way.


Flair provides a complete

logistics staffing service.

So, how can we help?