Welcome to the world of Flair Event Staffing!

Flair exploded onto the recruitment scene in the summer of 2000.  Our sole focus was to provide the complete staff operational package required for an evolving event and promotional industry.  Our enthusiasm and passion has never dwindled and our approach is refreshing, unique, well organised and expertly managed.   

Staffing Solutions:

Flair has worked on over 938 events, of every scale imaginable and we are extremely proud of our strong database of thousands of active staff members, nationwide.  With a diligent approach to our recruitment and selection programmes, we search for people who can demonstrate a level of experience, enthusiasm, honesty, working ethics and who are approachable and customer friendly.  We are proud owners of a bespoke staffing operational system with an impressive array of search fields and detailed employee profiles with a performance rating function, all to ensure we can target the correct work opportunities to the right people and meet any events' image and agenda.

Services We Provide:

We specialise in sporting events, at both urban and rural locations, music festivals from huge multi-site events to the more intimate.  We have worked with UK wide concert tours and also provided professional promotional teams to an array of brands and industries.  Our highly skilled and experienced core and freelance managers have the ability to operate teams that can be just a handful up to 1000+ per weekend.  View our event history in our 'About' page and contact us with your staffing or employment enquiries in order to find out how Flair can be the company you have been seeking.

We aspire to work with the best and to be the best.