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The Staff Zone

Take control of your career with Flair Events via your personal profile in our staff zone. You can monitor your event contracts, view and select new opportunities, edit your details and update your skills and experience anytime. Flair HQ will always keep you up to date on your selected events via emails or post information in your staff zone. Any questions, the golden rule is ‘call us’ - the Flair team are always at the end of the telephone or an email.

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  • What experience do I need to join?

    We seek people with a can do attitude, reliable and good working ethics. To have previous customer service experience is an asset or the drive to start.

  • What to expect from my video / telephone interview?

    A 10-15 minute friendly interview, we are wanting to get to know you, reasons for joining Flair and to discuss your skills and interests. It’s also a chance for us to tell you what it’s like to work with us and answer your questions.

  • I worked for Flair years ago, how do I register my interest again?

    Simply click 'Login' and enter the email address you last used. It will prompt you to create a password to connect you to your old profile. Due to GDPR rules there may be details we need to collect again, enter these and welcome back.

  • What happens after the interview?

    If successful at your interview simply log into your staff profile and continue to build your job matching preferences. Also remember to finish adding any required admin like Right to Work ID and upload bank details. Next, select any job opportunities that fit around you and that match your skills.

  • What ID is required?

    British passports and All EU passports are currently acceptable. Non-EU passports also require a working visa page or if you hold a residency card. A second group of ID accepted is Full British born birth Certificates + National Insurance Evidence and any Photo ID. All information is available in your staff profile to assist you to upload the correct information. Flair does carry out checks in accordance with UK Right to work requirements.

  • How do I register my interest in contracts?

    From your staff profile view job vacancies in selected regions of the UK and simply click apply. Do check your travel and if your skills match the requirements.

  • When do I get shift information?

    Usually around 3-4 weeks before the start of each job we email you shift information, you reply with your chosen commitment and we then send reserved shifts to booking you in there and then.

  • Will my travel expenses be paid?

    Majority of our contracts require self-travel plans. On the rare occasion we offer any form of travel expense this will be clearly stated on the job advert.

  • When will I know if I’m working?

    Consider yourself confirmed and working from your shift offer or booking details. We will require you to confirm the week of each contract . We then send out your final details to ensure you know everything that’s required and re-confirm your shifts.

  • What if I need to cancel a shift?

    Then let us know ASAP, allow us time to offer the work to others. We do record poor reliability which could affect future work with Flair People and our clients.

  • What Uniform should I wear?

    Uniform information is targeted towards each contract you work. Please review all information emails and notifications. Make sure you can comply with requirements.

  • Do I have to sign in and out?

    YES! Very important to ensure you get the correct wages without errors or delays.

  • How will I know who to meet?

    Our Final details emails state who to meet, contact numbers and also have a pinpoint google map location of where to attend. Any problems contact Flair HQ.

  • Employment breaks and Laws?

    Legally for every 6hrs worked you are entitled to one uninterrupted break of 20 minutes rest for workers over 18 years. Flair ensures clients sign and accept this for each booking, please inform Flair HQ if ever you’re in a situation where this does not happen.

  • Do I receive a staff rating?

    Yes! Clients and managers are encouraged to rate their teams, you can also rate them! We encourage feedback to ensure quality of performance is maintained for everyone. We all want to work and be surrounded by good people so let’s all work together.

  • When do I get paid?

    Weekly –Our working week is Monday to Sunday, and you receive payment the following Friday direct into your bank account.

  • Payslips.

    We send payslips at least 48 hrs before your BACS payment, to enable time for enquiries. If in any doubt email us stating clearly the contract, location of work, start and finish times etc. Please take a moment to consider the contract's scheduled working times, your hourly rate and most importantly your personal tax situation which would all effect your personal net pay.

  • You have the wrong tax code?

    When commencing work for any employer, a starter declaration form is requested to confirm your employment status. Flair operates a W1/M1 non-accumulative system and our software will tax your earnings based on us being your 'only' or 'second' employer. Once you have been physically paid by Flair, we send your details to HMRC via RTI uploads. If your initial tax code is deemed incorrect, HMRC will provide an alternative tax code resulting in a rebate or increased charges.
    We have no control over your tax codes, fill in your starter declaration correctly and give the system time to adjust once RTI has been sent as required.

  • Am I entitled to holiday pay?

    100% YES at a rate of 12.07% on the hour! All our contracts are advertised with your hourly base rate and Holiday Pay breakdown. We pay as per your payslip to ensure you get this straight away.

  • I did not receive my wage?

    First check your profile and that your bank details are correct. Email us straight away if there is a problem so we can investigate, clearly state in the subject box ‘wage enquiry’.

  • I'm self-employed, how does this work with pay?

    Flair uses PAYE for all employees, the jobs we offer do not meet HMRC classifications for self-employed status. All records available to enable you to file end of year tax returns to obtain any tax back you may have paid via Flair.